Cross Section Viewer

The Cross Section Viewer is an interactive software application for managing and visualizing river transect data. The software uses a simple data model that allows most types of transect data to be stored and viewed. A series of interactive tools include areal, profile and longitudinal plots as well as several geomorphic calculations that would typically take a user a considerable amount of time to produce.

Cross Section Viewer


  • Store virtually unlimited number of surveys, cross sections and points in a simple, structured database.
  • View graphical plots of each cross section, along with reference stations and stages.
  • Calculate and report many common river measurements, including:
    • Transect areas.
    • Incremental and cumulative depth distributions.
    • Longitudinal volumes with planimetric areas and volumes - both incremental and cumulative.
    • Bed elevation change - both total volume and average vertical change.
  • Import survey data from CSV text files or HEC-compatible formats.
  • Export survey as well plot data into CSV and HEC-compatible text file formats.
  • View cross sections on an interactive map.


If you use the Cross Section Viewer, please cite the following publication:

Shelley, John, and Bailey, Philip. 2018. The Cross Section Viewer: A Tool for Automating Geomorphic Analysis Using Cross Section Data. ERDC/TN RSM- 18-3. Vicksburg, MS: U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center.