Cross Section Viewer


The Cross Section Viewer is a standalone, desktop software application. To install it you download and run the setup.exe application linked below. This will install the Cross Section Viewer in your user profile folder (not the Windows Program Files folder). Read the release notes for information on the latest features and updates.

BETA Release

Cross Section Viewer 2.0 is still in pre-release mode. If you're looking for a stable version please download version 1

Latest stable release of Cross Section Viewer 1:   Cross Section Viewer 1.2.2

  Cross Section Viewer 2.0 Beta Software Download


The following software are required and must be installed before attempting to download and install the Cross Section Viewer software.

Installation Process

Click on the link above to download the Cross Section Viewer software setup.exe file. Certain internet browsers will warn about the potential risks of downloading executable files (see below). Check that the warning refers to the cross section viewer file and then click to keep the file.


Once the setup.exe file download is complete, double click the file to run the installation routine and follow the prompts to complete the process. There are no options or choices during the installation.

Note that the Cross Section Viewer does not require Administrator privileges to install and does not place any files in the C:\Program Files folder. The entire application is stored in the user’s profile folder.

Obtaining Updates

The Cross Section Viewer software automatically checks for newer versions every time the software is launched. When a newer version is detected the user is prompted to install it.

Update Offer

Note that clicking cancel turns off the automated check permanently and the software will no longer prompt when newer versions are available.

There is also a manual “Check for Updates” feature on the Help menu in the software.

Update Menu