Cross Section Viewer

The Cross Section Viewer is an interactive software application for managing and visualizing river transect data. The software uses a simple data model that allows most types of transect data to be stored and viewed. A series of interactive tools include areal, profile and longitudinal plots as well as several geomorphic calculations that would typically take a user a considerable amount of time to produce.

Cross Section Viewer


  • Store virtually unlimited number of surveys, cross sections and points in a simple, structured database.
  • View graphical plots of each cross section, along with reference stations and stages.
  • Calculate and report many common river measurements, including:
    • Transect areas.
    • Incremental and cumulative depth distributions.
    • Longitudinal volumes with planimetric areas and volumes - both incremental and cumulative.
    • Bed elevation change - both total volume and average vertical change.
  • Import survey new data from text, database or HEC-compatible formats.
  • Export survey as well plot data into CSV and HEC-compatible text file formats.
  • View cross sections on an interactive map.


This site is the primary support resource for the cross section viewer. Use the Online Help section for instructions on how to use the software and the Technical Reference for understanding the calculations used to report the various results shown throughout the software. Errors and issues using the software should be reported to


If you use the Cross Section Viewer, please cite the following publication:

Shelley, John, and Philip Bailey. 2018. The Cross Section Viewer: A Tool for Automating Geomorphic Analysis Using Cross Section Data. ERDC/TN RSM- 18-3. Vicksburg, MS: U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center.