Cross Section Viewer

Importing And Exporting

Importing new data into the Cross Section Viewer is possible using a series of templates. The process involves three high level steps. First, users generate a new, empty template for the particular type of information that they wish to import. Second, they populate the template with their data, typically using a cut and paste. Third, they import the populated template into their Cross Section Viewer database.

create new databse template

The main benefit of using templates in this way is that the new data are forced to conform to the structure of the template database. By the time that the template is imported back into the main Cross Section Viewer database, all the new data are already validated because they fit into the template structure. The templates are simple Microsoft Access databases. They are easy to use, exchange between collaborators and archive for a permanent record of what was imported.

The Cross Section Viewer allows for the import of the following types of information:

  • Cross section surveys
  • Construction Reference Planes (CRPs)
  • Reference Stages
  • Reference Stations

The video below demonstrates how to prepare data in Excel so that it possesses the correct columns before putting it in an import template that can then be read by the cross section viewer software.

Exporting Data

There are two ways to export data from the Cross Section Viewer. First, each of the analytical plots on the Tools menu include the ability to export both the raw data driving the plot as well as the plot itself. See the section for each respective tool for export instructions. Second, each of the main lookup tables can be exported when viewing their contents from under the Data menu:

export menu

Select from the Data menu the relevant lookup table that you want to export. Once the table appears click the Export item from the Edit menu. The file produced is a comma separated value (CSV) flat text file of the current contents of the lookup table in question.

export menu